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 SUP is a rapidly growing water sport where riders stand on a modified surfboard (Stand Up Paddle Board) buoyant enough to fully support the rider as he/she uses an elongated paddle to propel through water.

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   SUP is a great form of total-body exercise whether leisurely cruising local waterways or whaling on your core, improving balance of mind, body & soul.

SUP is a Great Total-Body Workout

SUP is a great alternative to gyms, offering a excellent TOTAL BODY WORKOUT…on the water…in the sun… Focus on CORE STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, ARMS, LEGS &/or CARDIO by using different paddle techniques & activities (SUP CrossFit, SUP Yoga…) SUP Improves MENTAL HEALTH….become one with nature….relax the mind, body &/or soul.

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So Many Activities!!!!!

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 Often grouped with surfing, SUP offers a vast amount of applications, which are easy to learn & possible in virtually all bodies of water – opening up a whole new world of opportunities in comparison.

Paddle Board Applications
Core Strength
River Rapids
Stress Relief

Yoga & Pilates
Tanning Hard
Meeting New People
Paddle Surfing
‘Doggy Paddling’

+Many More!

Explore, Fish, Race, Cross-Train, Work Out (Yoga, Pilates), Float Down River, Surf, Cruise…. Explore uncharted territories not accessible by boats like mangroves or rivers…

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Recreational & Competitive paddle board events occur worldwide daily & continue to grow in popularity – A great way to meet new people!

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So Many Places!!!!!

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Bodies of Water

Water covers 70% of earth and people paddleboard in virtually any body of water including: lakes, oceans, rivers, bays, springs, gulfs, seas, ponds, wetlands, streams, rapids, canals, reservoirs, harbors, sounds, bayous…

Stick to flat-water areas like inner-coastals or small lakes when starting out…then try more challenging high-wind, choppy conditions…and eventually tackle high-wave surfs & river rapids.

Most people SUP in flatwater areas both inland & coastal, offering a variety of SUP applications (i.e. cruising, endurance training, fishing or just paddling out to catch a tan & be one with mother nature.

Launch Points

Boat slipways or ramps are easy to find & abundant. Although suitable to launch a paddleboard, not necessarily the most SUP friendly option. Kayak or canoe launch sites double as paddleboard launch sites. These aren’t as easy to find or abundant as boat ramps, but very SUP friendly.

There are web sites & mobile apps for finding launch points in your area. “Launch Sites” is a great app to find & track launch points. Many cities have various SUP communities & Meet-up groups you can join & embark on SUP adventures with like-minded people in your area.

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From freezing cold arctics to warm sunny tropics, not only can you SUP in any descent size body of water, but you can do it in virtually any climate barring hazardous or unsafe conditions.

Wind Conditions
Pay attention to wind conditions on longer adventures. It’s usually best to start out upwind & return downwind. It’s easy to travel downwind further than you realize with the wind & current helping the board along…then the trip back could be longer than anticipated.

Cold Weather & Nighttime Paddling
Flatwater conditions exist all over the world, offshore as much as onshore. Flatwater paddling can safely be done at night as well as in freezing cold climates. LED lights can be used at night & once you have basic paddling skills, going out in arctic climates on a stable board poses very little risk of hazard. Some of the most beautiful pictures & trips are in arctic climates, inland lakes & nighttime excursions. Paddling through downtown Tampa, FL at night is beautiful sight.

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SUP Facts
Referred to as “Hoe he’e nalu” in Hawaii
Worlds fastest growing water sport since 2009
15 Million+ PaddleBoarders & growing!
Rumored to be an Olympic Sport in Rio 2016
Recommended for sound Mind, Body & Soul
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SUP Misconceptions
 Surf experience is needed
 Beach access is required
 Warm climate is essential
Transportation requires a truck/SUV
 Inflatable SUPs are inferior to traditional ones
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SUP History

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1600 – 1970:

Stand Up Paddleboarding originates as early as the 1600’s, but the consensus agree the most significant contributions were made on the Hawaiian Islands in the 60’s when beach boys began using SUP boards to take pictures of surfers, scout large waves & train new surfers.

1970 – 2000:

Hawaiian surfers began using paddleboards to surf & for recreational touring. Some of the most well-known surfers began competing with paddleboards & using them to train when waves were too calm for surf. SUP events started up & quickly became popular. Surfers from Hawaii began paddleboarding in California around the turn of the century & SUP spread across the US like wildfire.


The sport was taken over to California, where it took off & quickly began sweeping the US, both inland and on the coasts. Today there are SUP events going on nearly every day somewhere and rumor has it that SUP might be added as an Olympic Sport.


Stand Up Paddleboarding classified by the US Coast Guard as a vessel, like canoes & kayaks.


SUP became the fastest growing paddle sport & water sport in North America, and still is today!


The surf industry association (SIMA) estimates over 1 Million Paddleboarders in the US.

Present Day:

New applications and products are being developed rapidly. Paddleboards are now being used for more applications than ever imaged, from Yoga to Fishing!