11′ Tour Hybrid


 Hybrid Touring / Recreation Model great for beginner or intermediate paddlers looking for a fast board that still handles well in choppy conditions. Great for recreational racing & training while still versatile enough to use for general recreation.




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Touring Paddle Boards are designed for Speed, Glide & Directional Stability, achieved by knifing through water, displacing it rather than planing on top like most recreational boards.

The narrow outline, v-nose entry & displacement hull create a “plum bow” to cut through waves and minimize wind resistance.

The super-lightweight core & ergonomic carrying handle allow easy transportation, while an extra layer of fiberglass & X2 reinforced rails make for excellent durability. Each board is designed using the latest 3D & Graphic Design technology, then hand-shaped to spec.



A recessed deck lowers the paddler’s center of gravity providing more leverage during each stroke increasing power & efficiency.


This displacement hull cuts through water maximizing directional stability and glide, resulting in an extremely fast board.


These forgiving egg-shaped, verticle rails compliment to the displacement hull and help the board glide effortlessly through water. X2 reinforced with high-strength epoxy fiberglass.


EVA Traction Mat

Provide comfort & traction for paddlers. Work great also for those looking to perform yoga or various other excursuses that require you to lay in various positions on the board.

Bungee Storage Net

Store your belongings in this oversized, flexible bungee net located at the nose of the board. Great for dry bags, coolers, shoes….

Leash Plug

X2 epoxy reinforced and installed conveniently near the tail of the board. Attach your leash, tie to another board, or use your imagination for other potential uses!

Large Center Fin

Fin-OnlyFin-150x134This 9″ fiberglass fin is ideal for flat-water providing directional stability. The fin easily detaches from the fin box (fin receiver) for convenient travel. We reinforce our fin boxes X2 with fiberglass & PVC, allowing them to withstand extensive amounts of torque.

Fin Receiver

A X2 epoxy reinforced, PVC fin box (aka fin receiver) allows fin removal if needed for transportation. Our fin boxes are 10″ in length (.75″ wide) to accommodate different fins if desired. These high-strength boxes can withstand extreme levels of torque.

Carrying Handle

Installed in-board at the center of the deck to provide easy transportation.


GorTex Air Vent

Gore-Tex-Vent-150x94Defense Industry Tested…SUP Approved. Gortex Self-Regulating Air Vent were 0riginally designed for sealed military electronics, meeting stringent Military Saltwater Specs. C-RIDE air vents flow over 40 ml/min & are subjected to strict environmental testing standards (MIL-810 & DO-168) ensuring a very high level of durability.

Paddle Boards have a foam core that expands & contracts based on air pressure, temperature, humidity etc. If the foam core can’t breathe, the fiberglass will delaminate creating huge air bubbles & cracks …ruining the board beyond repair. Consider this a bodyguard for your EPS core protecting against damage from extreme heat & pressure changes. Lower-quality paddleboards tend to use cheaper vents that require manual regulation – or no vent at all.


3 Layers contribute to our premium finish:

  1. Ultraviolet Light Blocker to keep artwork fresh
  2. High Gloss Coat – creates an extra smooth finish
  3. Polish – for that ultra shine

EPS Core

The core utilizes super-light (1.5lb density) EPS Foam, decreasing overall board weight without compromising durability. Also designed with a Gore Tex Air Vent supporting board health and longevity. A 1/8″ Wood Stringer is installed in the center of the core for added durability.Stringer


Deck: 18 oz (3 layers)
Hull: 12 oz (2 layers)
Rails: 30 oz (5 layers)

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