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  • Beginner Paddleboard Lessons
Beginner Lessons

Getting started is easier than you think. Most beginners are up & paddling within 10 minutes. Beginner lessons are highly recommended for anyone planning to buy a board or paddle frequently.

Skills Covered:

  • Standing Up and the 3 Paddling Positions
  • Paddle Grip
  • Intro to Proper Stoke Technique
  • Basic Turns
  • Stopping & Safety

60-75 minutes. Recommended group size of 1-4. After 1 beginner lesson you are ready for our intermediate instruction…

Intermediate Lessons

After taking your first lesson we can begin to focus on establishing good stroke technique and learning advanced turns like the cross-bow turn sweep and pivot.

Skills Covered:

  • Stoke Evaluation and Core Body
  • Fundamental Break Down Drills
  • Intro to Advanced Stroke Techniques like the Tahitian & Hawaiian.
  • Intro to advanced turns and navigation techniques like EDGING and CROSS-BOWS.
  • Break down on fitness related benefits.

Typically 75-90 mins. Recommended group size of 1-3.

Advanced Lessons

For experienced paddlers with formal training who are looking to improve their form, perfect advanced turns & maneuvers. Ubersense (Hudi) Motion Video Analysis.

Skills Covered:

  • Stoke Analysis
  • Advanced Turn Analysis & Drills
  • Advanced Stroke Technique Breakdowns
  • Depending on your desired applications we can also teach proper Race Techniques or Surf Skills.

Typically 90-105 mins. Recommended group size of 1-2.


Cory Rider

PaddleFit Pro Certified Coach
WPA Certified Instructor

Yen Loyola

14′ SUP Race Champion
Fitness Trainer, Tri-Athlete

Jason Casuga

12’6” SUP Race Champion
Fone Sponsored Racer

Beginner 60-75mins


Per Person
  • Standing Up
  • Paddle Grip
  • Proper Stroke Technique
  • Basic Turns
  • Stopping & Safety

Intermediate 75-90mins


Per Lesson
  • Stroke Evaluation and Objectives
  • Break-Down Drills
  • Intro to Tahitian & Hawaiian Techniques
  • Edging & Cross-Bow Intro
  • Fitness Benefit Breakdown

Advanced ~90 mins


2 Lessons
  • Ubersense Motion Video Analysis
  • Advanced Turn Analysis
  • Advanced Stroke Drilldown
  • Race Technique
  • Customized Objectives