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C-Ride SUP offers a unique value:
Paddle Board Products DIRECT-TO-CONSUMER

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C-Ride SUP eliminates 25-60% in costs associated with traditional board dealers – who utilize an inefficient 3-channel distribution strategy (manufacturer/wholesaler –> dealer –> consumer). By eliminating the dealer portion of this distribution strategy, C-RIDE is able to offer comparable boards & paddles around $300-$600 less.

 Our mission is to advance Stand Up Paddle products & activities by offering innovative products and services at affordable prices. Constantly exploring different product designs, testing new materials and prototyping additional features, our products are created using advanced 3D software & rapid prototyping technology, combined with machine & hand-shaped production methods.

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As certified SUP instructors…we shape/glass/paint/repair boards in-house…we design all of our own models, and stand by our products with a 30-day money back guarantee (zero strings) because we are proud of our work. Unlike retail stores who simply pass along a name brand then refer support/warranty issues back to the brand. Our mission is to provide value to this amazing activity that is Stand Up Paddleboarding.

 We offer superior product knowledge & direct support, repair & warranty coverage – unlike 3rd tier dealers where support issues are directed back to the manufacturer/wholesaler. Buying directly from the creator just makes sense, monetarily & logically.

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We teach, we sell, we design, we shape, we glass, we paint and we SUP…

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